North Carolina Teachers

Each person’s retirement goals are unique based on your individual circumstances and goals.  This plan helps teachers to focus on decisions to be made before retirement, at the time of retirement and after retirement.

When can I retire?

Service Retirement (Unreduced Benefits)

30 years of service at any age, or

Age 60, with 25 years of service, or

Age 65, with 5 years of service

Early Retirement (Reduced Benefits)

Age 50, with 20 years of service, or

Age 60, with 5 years of service

Which retirement option will best serve the needs of me and my loved ones?

4 options provide for either a 100% or 50% survivor benefit (only 1 beneficiary)

Maximum and leveling (option 4) does not provide a survivor benefit

How does the cost of living adjustments (COLA) impact retirement income?

The COLA has increased the retirement benefit on an annual basis

What investment are available for a supplemental retirement fund?

403(b) salary reduction through school system

401(k) salary reduction through school systemRoth IRA (individual)

Other individual investments

Other Retirement Issues

Social Security


Long Term Care 

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